By nickihodgson - posted on August 21, 2015

Southampton Warmth For All

We recently completed a 12 month project aimed at reducing fuel poverty in Southampton. The project was funded by the Scottish Power Energy People Trust and it allowed us to continue to deliver our fuel poverty outreach work across Southampton. Through the project local residents were given support through a variety of settings such as home visits, appointments, events and workshops. This support included:

  • Advice on reducing energy usage at home,
  • Help switching energy tariff or supplier,
  • Dealing with fuel debt,
  • Applying for grants and discounts,
  • Draught proofing (including free materials),
  • Tackling condensation and mould.

Project Highlights

  • 797 households given face to face support
  • Home visits and appointments = 81 home visits and 50 appointments
  • Events attended = 25 promotional events, 40 drop-ins and 10 workshops
  • 502 households provided with free energy efficiency measures
  • Total estimated cost savings from these energy efficiency measures = £24,285/year
  • Total savings from switching energy provider = £6,080/year
  • Other grants secured for households e.g. Warm Home Discount, Energy Company Oblivation, Water Assistance = £22,900
  • 48 households assisted with fuel debt
  • 147 referrals made to other organisations for additional support


“I thought I knew it all, but after I had listened to your presentation at Southampton Mencap Carers Lunch, I realised that I still had a lot to learn. The best bit is that I applied for the Warm Home Discount for my son who is in receipt of DLA, and within a week he was sent a letter stating that his account will be credited with £140 before 31st March 2016. Thank you very much for an interesting and worthwhile presentation”

“Thank you to you and your colleagues for attending our sessions recently. My colleagues received some good feedback from families, who said the information they received was very helpful”

“That is fantastic – thank you so much – really helpful as always!”

Project summary

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