By christabelwatts - posted on September 16, 2013

Black Heritage Centre gets Energy Makeover

Faced with another year of expensive heating bills and a limited budget to spend on improving their building, members of Southampton’s Black Heritage Centre teamed up with the Environment Centre (tEC) last week to ‘do-it-themselves’.

An action-packed day saw tEC’s energy advisors helping the group to draught proof external doors, fit temporary secondary glazing to cold single glazed windows, and install reflective panels behind radiators. Not only will this help to make the centre warmer and easier to heat this coming winter, but several members now plan to put their new skills into practice at home. And, thanks to Energy Action Southampton, they have been provided with all the materials they need free of charge.

This event was one of a series of workshops and roadshows taking place in Southampton over the next six months. To find out about upcoming events please click here.

The Team

Draught proofing the door


Fitting radiator reflectors


Fitting secondary glazing film