About our work with schools

Our goal is to encourage a ‘whole school’ approach to Energy Efficiency. We work with schools to:

  • Deliver environmental education projects
  • Help schools to save energy and reduce their environmental impact
  • Provide advice and information about energy and environmental issues at all levels from the pupils to the school governors

Environmental Education Workshops

tEC’s environmental education workshops are designed to complement the national curricula, providing additional learning opportunities in geography, science, citizenship and personal, social and health education. We incorporate different styles of learning to engage pupils and stimulate their interest in environmental change and sustainable development.

Primary Schools

tEC’s environmental education workshops complement several areas of the Key Stages 1 and 2 national curricula, providing additional learning opportunities in geography, science, citizenship and personal, social and health education. The key area of learning relates to knowledge and understanding of environmental change and sustainable development.

The workshops take a holistic inter-disciplinary approach, and encourage learning by presenting children with issues and materials from real world contexts. We incorporate different styles of working including small group work and class discussions which help children to form and express their own thoughts and views, and to listen to the views of others. Each workshop incorporates a degree of hands-on experience to engage the children in the subject.

Topics Available

We can offer workshops on the following topics:

  • Climate change and energy saving
  • Food production and sustainability
  • Biodiversity
  • Water conservation
  • Waste and recycling

Types of Workshops

Teachers are welcome to select from a range of workshops according to timetabling requirements:

  • School assemblies
  • Presentations and demonstrations
  • Interactive activity station sessions
  • Interactive story telling

Secondary Schools

We can offer curriculum based workshops tailored to fit in to your school timetable. The workshops incorporate a variety of learning activities such as animated presentations, quizzes, games, class discussions and practical activities.

Based around the science, technology, geography and citizenship curricula, the range of topics on offer includes climate change, global warming, renewable energy generation, fuel poverty and other sustainability issues.

Additional Services

In addition to our educational workshops we can offer a range of services to your school, such as environmental auditing and staff training.

School Environmental Audits

School Environmental Audits look at energy management, resource use, recycling and environmentally responsible procurement. These have been highly successful and have given participating schools areas easy-to-implement solutions to environmental problems and have helped to reduce the environmental impact of the school.

Staff training

We can provide training for all members of staff from teachers and governors to the caretaker and bursar. This allows school staff to find out what they can be doing around the school to save energy, and how to include children in this.

Educational programmes and lesson planning

Bespoke lesson plans and educational programmes can be produced for your school or class, covering a wide range of topics and ensuring that you meet the National Curriculum criteria.

School events

We can provide an advice stall for your school fair to help parents find out what they can do to improve the energy efficiency of their home. The stand will be hosted by our qualified energy advisors who can provide up to date, reliable and impartial advice on energy saving and the availability of grants and financial incentives. We will also bring along interactive activities to keep the children entertained.

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