By christabelwatts - posted on March 1, 2013

Hitting the Cold Spots helps hundreds

Since October 2012 HtCS has assisted over 600 Hampshire residents with information and advice, fixed over 50 heating systems, provided 75 oil-filled radiators, completed 160 home free home assessments and made over 500 referrals to partner organisations.

The Hitting the Cold Spots scheme has so far helped over 600 people and continues until the end of March 2013 (call us on Freephone 0800 804 8601).
Councillor Felicity Hindson, Executive Member for Adult Social Care at Hampshire County Council said:

“Cold weather not only makes life uncomfortable but can also lead to, and aggravate, serious health problems such as respiratory diseases, asthma, depression, heart disease and strokes. Hampshire County Council’s Hitting the Colds Spots scheme is building on last year’s initiative with another campaign targeted at older and vulnerable people who may ‘fall beneath the radar’ and struggle to keep warm and pay the bills during the cold winter months.

“I’m very pleased that our Hitting the Cold Spots scheme is helping people to keep warm and these figures demonstrate just how important it is to offer a dedicated free advice line with a ‘real person’ to speak to who can give immediate, practical advice and follow up on the tougher problems.

“When people have had long-term problems with their heating systems or with paying their energy bills it can sometimes take a lot of courage to make that first call and it is encouraging that more and more people are finding the confidence to call our energy advisors.”

Case Study

Mr and Mrs Stockwell, a couple living in Andover and with limited income, had constant trouble with their boiler. The pensioners, both suffering from long term illnesses, had an unpleasant shock before Christmas when a heating engineer gave them a quote to repair the boiler – with no guarantee that the boiler would not break down again.

They did not want to endure another Christmas without heating or hot water so they called the Hitting the Cold Spots advice line. An advisor subsequently visited to assess their home circumstances alongside the project’s criteria, and also left a Hitting the Cold Spots support pack containing useful tips and equipment to keep warm at home and save money on fuel bills. The upshot was that just two days later the go-ahead was given to fund the installation of a new gas boiler and work was completed before Christmas by a Buy With Confidence trader.

The relieved couple said, “We have never sought help from anyone and have always paid our own way. The work was done very efficiently and very quickly and all is working perfectly. We received excellent support from Hitting the Cold Spots.”

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for the official Hampshire County Council Press release, click here.