By christabelwatts - posted on December 3, 2013

Green Deal

Please note: The Green Deal Finance Company is not currently originating Green Deal loans.

Boiler upgrades and insulation are the main measures available to help you to save money and stay warm but there are many more measures eligible for grants and loans through the Green Deal.

The benefits of a Green Deal loan is that there is no upfront installation cost and repayments are linked to energy bills savings. Finance is available for all tenure types, and can work alongside the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) grants. If you would like to make use of Green Deal loans the first step is to have an assessment of your home.


The assessment involves a visit from a trained assessor to carry out a Green Deal Advice Report on your property. This report will recommend energy saving improvements you can make and indicate whether they would pay for themselves through reduced energy bills. To find a Green Deal Assessor, as well as Green Deal Providers and Installers, you can search on the Green Deal ORB website.


Once you have had an assessment you can discuss the possible finance options available to you with a Green Deal Provider organisation. They will inform you of any ECO grants you may be able to access and provide you with a Green Deal Plan. The Green Deal Plan will set out the measures you want to have installed and the repayments and the interest rates that will be charged. This finance plan must meet the ‘golden rule’ where energy savings over the lifetime of the measure are greater than the cost of the measures. For more information about Green Deal finance, you can visit the Green Deal Finance Company website.

Have a look at our ECO page to find out if you may be eligible for any grants. Incentives are also available to help households to invest in renewable energy technologies. Contact us to find out if there is any local financial assistance for certain energy efficiency measures. 


Once you have agreed a payment plan with your Green Deal Provider then an accredited Green Deal Installer can carry out the work. The Green Deal Installer, along with the Green Deal Assessor and Provider, must be approved and accredited under the rules of the scheme and must abide by the Green Deal Code of Practice.

Repayments and Savings

After installing the necessary measures, you should find that you are using less energy within the home. With Green Deal loans your repayments will automatically be taken from the savings you make. After the loan has been repaid then you should start to notice the savings you are making, with lower energy bills.

The Green Deal Plan is linked to your property rather than to you, so when you move the plan remains with the property, but the new owner or tenant must be made aware of the repayments.