Our Partners

tEC manages a range of small and large scale projects, working with both local and national partners to address complex challenges, including fuel poverty, air quality and climate change.

Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas and in-kind support are helping build strong communities.

Featured projects

Advice in Southampton
This integrated advice service seamlessly supports local residents across a wide range of issues.
Hitting the Cold Spots
Practical advice and support to help Hampshire residents stay warm and well.
Southampton Healthy Homes
Helping local residents find practical solutions to energy problems.
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Past project themes

Air Quality
We strive to improve air quality and have done so by running Clean Air Day events, training Air Quality Champions and joining the Clean Air Network.
Sustainable Construction
tEC worked with a partnership of organisations across the EU to promote a holistic approach to construction by bringing together those involved in design, planning and building to share knowledge, expertise and experience.
Data and Mapping
We use data and mapping for smarter targeting, analysis and visualisation, identifying project impact and reach, reporting and service evaluation.
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Memberships and Affiliations

If you would like to submit a partnership proposal, please contact us.

Or find other ways to help.