By christabelwatts - posted on July 31, 2019

Fighting Plastic Pollution

Going plastic-free can be challenging and requires us to share knowledge and work together. Read our lessons learned from #PlasticFreeJuly.

We also put together a list of inspiring organisations you can support and be motivated by in the fight against plastic pollution.

  • City to Sea – not-for-profit organisation campaigning to stop plastic pollution by connecting our actions to the oceans
  • Ellen Macarther Foundation and New Plastics Economy – an initiative to build momentum towards a plastics system that works, by applying the principles of the circular economy
  • Friends of the Earth – encourages support of a new plastics law to avoid non-essential plastics
  • Keep Britain Tidy – UK charity that aims to eliminate litter, end waste and improve places through campaigns like the Great Plastic Pick Up
  • Plastic Free July – global movement that began in Western Australia to address the problem of plastic pollution
  • Plastic Oceans UK – charity that helps “combat plastic blindness”
  • Plastic Patrol – not-for-profit that organises community clean up events (often on a paddle board) and citizen science to collect data on plastic pollution
  • Plastic Soup Foundation – Amsterdam-based organisation whose mission is to stop plastic waste, including microplastics and microfibers, from entering the water by tackling the issue at its source
  • Refill HQ – campaign to prevent plastic pollution by making it easy to reuse and refill water bottles
  • Surfers Against Sewage – marine conservation & campaigning charity working to stop plastic pollution in oceans and rivers
  • The Story of Stuff Project – educates people about materials economy through stories and videos
  • Waste Aid – connects vulnerable communities to waste management expertise and resources; work with others to create products from plastic waste
  • WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) – works with organisations to achieve better resource efficiency, with plastics designated one of the charity’s priority sectors

Who would you add to that list? What inspires and motivates you to reduce your plastic use?