By nickihodgson - posted on September 18, 2018

Air Quality Champions

Working with Southampton City Council and Global Action Plan (GAP), we recruited and trained volunteer Air Quality Champions in Southampton. The first campaign for Air Quality Champions was no-idling events across the city from February to September. Air Quality Champions also engaged and provided information to members of the public at the Clean Air Day festival in June.

Air Quality Champions received training about air pollution and how to approach and chat to the public in a friendly, informative and non-judgmental way. They worked in pairs as part of a team, at pre-arranged locations, supported by the Environment Centre (tEC) and Southampton City Council staff.

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Here’s what Air Quality Champions said about their experiences on the no-idling campaign:

“The training prior to the event was great preparation for approaching drivers and I found that everybody we spoke to were engaging, happy to switch off and interested to hear more.”

“I was nervous to begin with, but had a positive response from drivers, so felt much more confident very quickly.”

“Drivers we approached were interested in and engaged with us on the campaign. I was surprised how many weren’t really aware of the issues of air pollution and what they could do to make a difference, until we talked to them.”