By nickihodgson - posted on June 29, 2018

A Month of Clean Air

tEC staff have been getting involved in the exciting clean air events in Southampton this month. This year’s National Bike Week culminated in the Let’s Ride Southampton street festival, and these events prompted our newest staff member to begin riding to work. While she doesn’t own a bike, she was able to take advantage of the local bike share scheme and, along with thousands of others, participated in the 6km circular bike route around the city.

We also got involved in Clean Air Day, which aims to raise awareness of the benefits of clean air and ways people can improve the air quality around them. We made pledges in the lead-up to the event, ranging from using fewer nasty chemicals to clean our homes to switching to renewable energy providers. To celebrate Clean Air Day 2018, the Clean Air Network – a network of organisations from businesses and transport operators to charities and education institutions – hosted a festival with activities, performances, speakers and prizes. We were on hand to encourage passers-by to get involved, find out how to reduce and avoid air pollution and to provide feedback on Southampton City Council’s Clean Air Zone proposals. The consultation will remain open for the next 12 weeks.

The day ended with a number of great speakers as part of the University of Southampton’s Research Café highlighting their work with regards to air pollution, its impacts and potential solutions. The speakers gave us hope that we’re moving in the right direction and little steps can lead to big changes.

We finished the month by attending Clean Air Southampton’s Air Quality Monitoring Workshop to learn more about the current monitoring situation in the UK and how we can interpret and utilise this information locally. It was great to meet a wide range of campaigners, researchers and politicians from across the county who are all passionate about tackling air pollution.

tEC is committed to helping individuals, businesses and communities reduce their environmental impacts and cut carbon. If you would like to find out more about our projects, or want to become an Air Quality Champion, you can email or call us on 02380 336172 (Mon-Fri 9-5).